9900 Tobine Road
Romulus, Michigan
Phone 734-941-8810

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.

Sunday Morning Service 11:00 a.m.

Sunday Night Service 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday Night Bible Study 7:00 p.m.


  1. Stanley Sargent

    Dear Sir or Madam

    My name is Stan Sargent, I live here in Romulus Michigan, I am send you this letter email to request for; I am at the end of my life Just giving up or leaving my family. I have let my family down. As a man I have really let my family down. what reason do I have to live? And now there is nowhere or no one I can turn to. I have contacted 22 local churches here in the Detroit , Romulus areas, no help. They will not help us. I have contacted few government agencies, no funds available to assist.

    Here’s is what’s going on; myself and family are staying at hotel that’s drug, rat, fowl, smelling infested hotel, Romulus police is in and out just about every other day; My family is afraid when I am not there. I’ve; never thought that I would have my family this low. It’s not just hurting me, but them as well. As a man I have to put pride to the side now, and shame myself to try and get help. My family feels unsafe in this hotel, it’s not the best.

    The hotel we are in is the Magnuson hotel here in Romulus on Merriman Rd. I have been trying my best with everything that I could think of except from breaking the law which I refuse to do. We need help please. Or should I just end my life, allow them to collect the insurance money.

    We found a home here in Romulus that we been bagging for assistant with, this would help us, as well with my wife and her medical condition. The home is much nicer, and have more room the problem is we are needing $1850.00 security deposit to move in, by May 15th 2015 now I know the question will be if I received help will I be able to keep it up YES I will. I never want my family to experience this low life again. I have been looking for loan sharks, I just cannot get any help anywhere. So here is my plan. I have prayed, I have call for help non-was answered. I am hated and lost. Can anyone help us. Or should I just end it all. Please somebody let me know. Please help, please help, please help, please help, please help again please help. how I help other people but those will not help back.

    Thank you

    Stan Sargent


    1. admin Post author

      Dear Stan,

      I am just now seeing this comment! I am not sure why I did not get a notification through email that there was a comment.

      I am so sorry for your circumstances and I pray that you have recieved the help that you were looking for.

      If you are still in need, please give Pastor Engle a call on Sunday morning between 9 am and 11 am.

      Sincerly Yours
      Julia Hogston
      web master RFWBC.org

  2. Linda Peak

    Hello, Iam looking for a home church I grew up going to Liberty fwb in detriot rev george crowley. I live in westland and have been praying for God’s guidance Church I have visited many in the area but did not feel at home.is friend of mine told me about your church so I’m interested and finding out what sort of things does your church have going on I love to be active with my church.I do plan on visiting soon for any info you could give me I would appreciate it. do you have womens meetings? youth group? I have grandchildren that I bring to church with me. thank you again and I look forward to visiting your church soon. Thank you,.Linda

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Linda,

      So very glad to hear from you! It would be wonderful to see you in attendance.

      We are a small Church on the grow. We have many small children and a couple of Tweens. At this point in time we don’t have a youth group as of yet.
      I would invite to visit and get to know us!

      Hoping to see you soon!

  3. Richard Kinser

    Hello my name is Richard Kinser and me and my soon to be wife are looking for a home church that is sound in gods word I grew up Fwb Went to Community Free will for a short time growing up I went to First free will Baptist of Ypsilanti we are looking for a good home church to attend and was wondering what service times are and what is available there like as far as worship services and preaching messages

    Thank u sincerely Richard Kinser

    1. admin Post author

      Richard we would love to have you and your lovely wife come and visit!

      The Romulus Free Will Baptist Church Family

  4. Jamie

    We are looking for a home church. Looking for a church with a teens group for our 14 year old daughter,do you all have a teen group?

    1. admin Post author

      We have just a few teens. We do have classes and include the teens in programs such as our Pop Up Prom boutique. If we had more there would be
      activites geared around them. Come visit, find out for yourself and see if we are a fit! We would love to have your
      young folks amoung our group.



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